About the Series

A Time Traveller's Guide is not like a traditional history book. It does not describe the past objectively and distantly but up close, as if you really could go there. It tells you where to stay and what to eat, which laws will apply and what diseases might kill you. It shows you the land of your ancestors as if you could experience the hardships that they suffered and the joys that delighted them.

The approach is based on the philosophy that history is not about the past per se but about people, and that the main purpose of studying history is to understand the human race over time - its cruelties and suffering as well as its pleasures and achievements. Only by coming to terms with different centuries can we form a proper appreciation of our own kind and how we behave generally, and see ourselves in greater depth than is possible than in the superficial mirror of the present moment.

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"Such fun to read... It aims to immerse you in the era, and give you an appreciation of what life then would really have been like."
(Andrew Holgate, The Sunday Times).