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Reviewers' comments on The Time Traveller's Guide to Restoration Britain

'Enthralling and detailed' (Roger Lewis, The Daily Mail, 21 April 2017).

'There is a word for what the historian and archivist Ian Mortimer does for a living, and it is a lovely one: re-enchantment... He is a natural gumshoe in discovering how the progression and accumulation of infinite traces make up our way of being in the world. He has done the digging, and now he wants to show-and-tell. He is also like the geographer who agrees that it is worthwhile to know that Tallahassee is the capital of Florida, but of greater interest and value is why... It is beautiful to watch as Mortimer unspools these everyday life ways; it is like picking apart a rainbow.' (Peter Lewis, The Christian Science Monitor, 11 April 2017).

'A conjurer who is always bright, engaging and well-informed... From bed bugs to boggy roads, any tour of late 17th-century Britain is guaranteed to be exhilarating. And with Mortimer in charge, one always travels first-class.' (John Adamson, The Mail on Sunday, 2 April 2017).

'Hugely readable.' (Richard & Judy, Daily Express, 1 April 2017).

'As a general introduction to this exciting period in history, The Time Traveler’s Guide to Restoration Britain is a charming and informative volume, with ample facts and anecdotes for the casual reader, and plenty of endnotes for the reader who would investigate these tumultuous times in greater depth.' (Jessica Tvordi, associate professor of English at Southern Utah University, Open Letters Monthly, 1 April 2017).

'The Time Traveller’s Guide to Restoration Britain is just such fun to read... It aims to immerse you in the era, and give you an appreciation of what life then would really have been like. Mortimer does this very successfully, spending as much time on the poor and middling sorts as he does on the better off... Brimming with such gems, his book is a delightful read.' (Andrew Holgate, The Sunday Times, 26 March 2017).

'This entertaining tourist guide brings the late 17th century alive... There are other good guides to Restoration society, but none covers such a wide canvas as Mortimer's, in time and place. He deals with a 40-year period and with Scotland and Wales as well as England. Apart from anything else, the book is an impressive feat of synthesis... The latest Time Traveller's Guide will entertain and inform anyone with an interest in this extraordinary period.' (Andrew Taylor, The Times, 25 March 2017).

'Displaying an impressive range and depth of knowledge as well as a writerly instinct for dramatic presentation, Mortimer continues his you-are-there approach to English history, following his previous British bestsellers in this series... Mortimer deeply immerses the reader in this world, imparting an amazing first-hand feel for what living in the era was like.' (Brad Hooper, Booklist, April 2017).

'The latest guidebook to England’s past from the renowned historian. Social historian Mortimer is on to a good thing. His previous, similarly structured books, The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England and The Time Traveller’s Guide to Elizabethan England, charmed readers, and this latest will do the same... Readers will finish this third in a delightful series of bottom-up histories hoping Mortimer has his sights set on Georgian England.' (Kirkus Reviews, 6 February 2017).

'I thought this the best of all the Time Traveller's Guides so far. With judicious use of Pepys's diaries, Ian Mortimer manages to inform and delight in equal measure.' (Sue Baker, The Bookseller, 20 January 2017).